Welcome to RSSDI Bangalore 2014. A warm invitation to all.

Please join the hands of RSSDI Bangalore 2014 - The Biggest Conclave of 2014.

Register Today and become a part of making INDIA Diabetes Care Capital of the WORLD !! 

RSSDI is a prestigious organisation and it is indeed an honour and privilege to extend an invitation to all as we (RSSDI - Karnataka Chapter) play hosts to the 42nd annual conclave of RSSDI. Since many are naming us as the "Trend Setters" so everyone will have high expectations. We promise you that we will try our best to live upto your expectations while secretly nurturing a wish to beat the same.

We will do our best to break our own records in all aspects which we created in past. It was one of the most talked about, spectacular, well attended conference - that is the 35th Annual congregation of RSSDI in 2005, a decade earlier. Ten years have passed since then, but the enthusiasm and joy in our hearts has increased many folds. We ensure you that, it will be better than if not equal to the benchmark record making RSSDI Conclave 2005.

This year conclave promises to be the best ever since it's organised under the leadership of two best known personalities in this field. They are none other than the most enthusiastic, perfectionist, most committed  Dr. K.R. Narasimha Setty (Organising Chairperson) along with one of the most respectable, the 2014 Padma awardee Prof Shashank R Joshi (Chairperson Scientific Council). Under their leadership, RSSDI Bangalore 2014 team along with your and all our colleagues support, we will be "Making India Diabetes Care Capital of the world”! 

The academic and professional component of the conference will see a dramatic shift with more focus on clinical experiences backed with technological devices based on sound and proven science and engineering.

Each and every speaker and expert have been chosen/will be choosing keeping in mind the relevance of their expertise to the current issues. We will be making a conscious effort to make every session an experience and learning.

In order to encourage the participation of the entire family in this mega event we have created special programmes to accompanying persons be they are children or grownups. No one will be left unattended either on conference or off-conference.

We eagerly look forward to welcome you. Please join the hands of RSSDI Bangalore 2014 to Make India Diabetes Care Capital of the world!!!.