Welcome to RSSDI Bangalore 2014. A warm invitation to all.

Join hands with RSSDI Bangalore 2014 to make INDIA Diabetes Care Capital of the WORLD!!

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    Innovation awards for new ideas; Jury will select the best three ideas

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    Record registrations; Wide publicity

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    Platform for online discussions (post event) with speakers

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    Customized and focused activities for spouse and children

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    Collaboration with ADA, IDF and EASD

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    Preconference walkathon; Street plays

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    Expect more than 20 credit hours accredited by KMC-CME trust

Please note that, the notification of abstract acceptance/refusal will be communicated before 26th of October 2014 !!

To give new heights to the glorious journey of RSSDI, the Karnataka chapter of RSSDI has shouldered the responsibility to organize this year's mega event at Bangalore with the theme of Making India the diabetes care capital of the world. India has been known as the diabetes capital of the world for long and it is the endeavor of the organizers of RSSDI Bangalore 2014 to address this issue in all its seriousness and suggest ways and means to “Empower the lives of people with diabetes” across the world by “Making India the Diabetes Care Capital of the World”.

The organizing chairperson of RSSDI Bangalore 2014, Dr. K.R. Narasimha Setty who is known for his versatility to do things differently with a novelty is well supported by Prof. Shashank R Joshi (Chairperson - Scientific Council), who has been awarded Padma award, one of the country's highest civilian award for his efforts in research and clinical care particularly diabetes, are the driving force for the conduction of this humongous conference.

The academic and professional component of the conference will see a dynamic progress with focus on clinical experiences teamed with technological development based on proven sciences and engineering. All speakers and experts have been chosen to address these issues with inputs from all participants so as to make every session a learning experience. Invitees from ADA & EASD will share their experiences to enrich our knowledge.

“RSSDI Bangalore 2014” promises to be a very exciting and unique conclave with important initiatives being introduced for the first time in the history of RSSDI. 

The venue selected for the conclave is so large and comfortable that there will be vibrant atmosphere on all the three days. It is located in the midst of several high rise buildings which are occupied by the youth of our country whose intelligence and hard work has earned the reputation of many international companies.The scientific programme has orations, special lectures, invited presentations, free papers, posters, workshops, award ceremonies, innovative ideas, theme symposia, case presentations, debates, quiz, best question award and other professional initiatives. For those who intend to submit papers, posters and other presentations the guidelines to submit abstract are available in the abstract section.

For spouse and children, special and interesting programmes and activities are arranged at the venue. Free and frequent shuttle services will be arranged to the venue (KTPO, Trade centre ) from important places within Bangalore. 

Varieties of mouth watering foods depicting different parts and cuisines of India will be available at the venue to make you irresistible and to shed all inhibitions. Cultural programs to relax you at the end of the day are chosen to ensure that you crave for more of them.

The city of Bangalore especially its weather and software development scenarios is so very well known that it becomes superfluous to describe here. The conference dates, 21, 22 and 23 November has been chosen such that one can enjoy the greenery at its sublime. In view of the city being well known there are always tourists flocking the city and the hospitality sector has risen to cater to these varieties of visitors. One can choose the hotel accommodation from a variety of hotels which are listed in the accommodation section. 

As we have been nick named as the “Trend Setters”, we will do many things in different ways and are aware that everyone's expectations are very high. Now it's a challenge for us to meet their expectations. But still our aim is to go beyond everyone's expectations.

Look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you to “RSSDI Bangalore 2014”.

The conference dates are 21, 22 and 23 November 2014. Come to experience the magic.